Over the past few years, there has been quite an uprise in the industry of online education. People want to learn more- faster and without physical barriers. Count on the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress, to be there to provide all the necessities to create courses online. But WordPress alone isn’t enough- you need a WordPress LMS plugin to really create a professional education site. So with that in mind, one of the most recent member to the WordPress LMS plugin lineup is Tutor LMS.

Tutor LMS comes with a tonne of features that make all the complex processes of creating a course much more simplified. If you’re a newbie to WordPress, Tutor LMS is the easiest WordPress LMS plugin to use for you. Obviously, being a new release it still has some way to go, but the existing features are more than enough to pique interest. So, today we bring an in-depth review exploring Tutor LMS.

Feature List of Tutor LMS:

  • Drag & Drop Course Builder 
  • Advanced Quiz Creator
  • Analytics & Sales Stats
  • WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads Integration
  • Multi-instructor Ready
  • Custom Gutenberg Blocks
  • 10 Unique Question Types
  • Useful Addons
  • Course Prerequisite
  • Multimedia Attachment Option 
  • Certificates
  • Email Connectivity
  • Earning and Withdrawal options 
  • Course Preview 
  • Multi-Lingual Ready
  • Q&A Section for Students
  • Course Rating Option
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Theme Compatibility

You can check out this overview video of Tutor LMS to know the wide creation scope that you get with this WordPress LMS plugin. You can also check out their live demo.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

There are a lot of possibilities that you in the WordPress LMS plugin when it comes to course creation. You get to add a lot of functionalities in one place.

Course Description: Tell students all that they need to know about your course using this WordPress LMS plugin. Add a unique course description to get them really interested to know more of the course.

Course Excerpt: Optionally, you can even add a course excerpt. This is for students or visitors who don't want to read a detailed description. You can just add a short summary of the entire course in this field using the WordPress LMS plugin.

Course Duration: You can tell students how the entire length of the course from the start using the WordPress LMS plugin. That way students know how much time they need to invest in the course right off the bat.

Difficulty Level: Set the difficulty level for your course in the WordPress LMS plugin easily to “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” so that they can easily know if the course is the right one for them.

Benefits of the Course: This is a great text field to list all the benefits of the course in one single place. Students can directly know what they are expected to achieve if they complete the course which acts as a great incentive to enroll. 

Course Instructions: In case you want to add a few instructions or add something informative, you can use this handy little option in this awesome WordPress LMS plugin. 

Target Audience: Specify the target audience within the WordPress LMS plugin so that you get the right prospective students for your course.

The best part about having a course builder in your WordPress LMS plugin is you can effectively add all your lessons, drag & drop them in order and include lesson quizzes. So, that you get all the functionalities you need in one place.

Advanced Quiz Creator & Easy Grading Process

One of the best features of Tutor LMS is the quiz creation process. There’s just so much versatility that you can achieve from the quizzes. You need a great quiz creator in your WordPress LMS plugin because quizzes are the most marketable and shared content. Not to mention the obvious that it judges your student performance effectively.

Moreover, the grading process in this WordPress LMS plugin is extremely well thought out too. Instructors can set answers for predefined questions and the results will auto-update after the quiz is taken. If you want to review answers to questions, you can easily do so from your dashboard and the results will update accordingly.

Five of these question patterns come completely free:

  1. Open-ended Questions and Essays
  2. True/False
  3. Single Choice
  4. Multiple Choice
  5. Fill In The Blanks

The next five questions are included in the pro version of the WordPress LMS plugin.

  1. Image Matching
  2. Image Answering
  3. Matching
  4. Ordering
  5. Short Answers

Another great aspect is that Tutor LMS randomizes the question order. You can also set quiz duration, and choose actions when quiz time is over. There’s also the option to define the passing grade and limit quiz attempts in this WordPress LMS plugin. So that students can see their result status displayed and how many attempts are left for them.

Sell Courses Easily

Students can buy courses from your eLearning platform using Tutor LMS. The WordPress LMS plugin is integrated with the world’s most popular shopping cart WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads.  

Not only that you can set up an easy earning and commission allocation system right in your WordPress LMS plugin. You can set the percentage of commission, fees to be deducted, and other costs right from the settings easily.

Similarly, you can manage all the withdrawals. Define the minimum withdraw amount and the method of withdrawal along with any additional instructions that you want. All of the transactions will be displayed seamlessly in the statements for you to view.

Useful Addons to Boost Functionality

The addons of Tutor LMS are supremely easy to use. It takes one click to enable the various addons. Right now there are 7 addons in the paid version of Tutor LMS. But this WordPress LMS plugin is bound to come up with even more as promised on their home page.

Tutor Reports: The reports addon is filled with useful analytics and sales report that help you monitor course performance and adjust accordingly. There are advanced filter in this WordPress LMS plugin addon that gives you useful stats.

Tutor Multi-Instructor: Most of the world’s leading education sites have multiple instructors dedicated for courses. You can have multiple instructors for your courses just by using Tutor LMS and enabling the addon.

Tutor Course Attachments: Include all the materials your students need to study for a course with Tutor Course Attachments. Upload docs, pdf, or any other WordPress supported format to add attachments for your lessons.

Tutor Email: Connectivity with students are extremely helpful and important to keep them in track with the course. Tutor Email addon comes with customizable email options that you can set right from the settings panel.

Tutor Certificates: Reward your students with beautiful certificates upon course completion. You can personalize the certificates from the rich selection that you get with this addon. Complete the certificate with student name, institution name, and signature or upload your own certificate.

Tutor Preview: If you want to keep a few lessons unlocked for students to try out before they enroll, use Tutor Preview addon. This option in the WordPress LMS plugin allows you to motivate students to join solely based on your course content.

Tutor Prerequisites: Display courses which students need to be done with before joining your course. That way you get the target students who’re suited to complete your course and even let them know about the other related courses you take.

Custom Gutenberg Blocks

There are three custom Gutenberg blocks inside Tutor LMS. All you’ve to do is place the block in any convenient section of your site and you’re done.

Tutor Registration Form: You can include the registration form for students in your courses, post or anywhere you think will catch their attention using the student registration form.

Instructor Registration Form: if you’re interested for more students to join your eLearning platform using this WordPress LMS plugin- then place the instructor registration form block. You can use the form to have more instructors enrolling in your platform without having to spend any time on form creation.

Tutor Student Dashboard: Include a student dashboard with this custom Gutenberg block. Students can check their course progress, courses enrolled and other useful information wherever you place the block.

Final Thoughts

Tutor LMS is definitely a promising WordPress LMS plugin with a lot of potential for the future. It works with any theme and provides multilingual support too. It offers content security without being too complex to use. There are a lot of features in their free plugin that is great to build a professional eLearning site. But their premium version is amazing to use and really take your site up a notch. The best part of this WordPress LMS plugin is that it supports the entire course lifecycle starting from course creation, selling, administering and managing your courses.

Give Tutor LMS a spin and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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