Authors Faq

Do I have to pay to upload template or register on ThemeHunt?

No, participation in ThemeHunt is free. 

Are items reviewed or will you accept anything?

Each item goes through an extensive review process to ensure that our quality standards have been met. 

Can authors add links to other web sites?

Our Service may contain links to third party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by ThemeHunt, especially to show template demo. But authors cannot add links to others markets in demo URL, Support URL field or hidden in description.

I’ve submitted an item, how much time will it require to be live on ThemeHunt?

Thank you for submitting your item on ThemeHunt. Please be informed that, it may take up to one week to review an item. Once our team completes an item review, an email is sent to the author with the result and status of the item.

What can I do if my item gets rejected?

There are two types of rejections on ThemeHunt. 
  1. Soft rejection 
  2. Hard rejection
You will get an email from ThemeHunt if one of your items gets a rejection from the review team.
# If your item gets a ‘Soft rejection’, that means the item is quite ready, but needs some changes to be live on the marketplace.
# But a ‘Hard Rejection’ means our review team has determined that the particular item is not suitable to be sold via the ThemeHunt marketplace. A hard rejected item cannot be resubmitted. The review team may not provide any explanation regarding a hard rejected item.
Please check the submission guidelines for better understanding the ThemeHunt content standard policies.